Meat and food processing machinery – professional devices for food industry

Meat and food processing machinery – professional devices for food industry

Do you run a food processing plant? Do you produce high-quality sausages and other meat products? That means you definitely need the highest quality, reliable equipment – ERY food Machinery offers the machines that will work great in every type of business. We invite you to take a look at our offer.

New and used machines for food industry

ERY food Machinery for many years has been providing the market with reliable equipment that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. If you are interested in the highest quality machines, you should familiarize yourself with our wide offer. Our assortment comes from trusted and valued manufacturers such as Nowicki, Vemag, Multivac or Marel. These companies care about every detail and quality of its products – this equipment will help you to improve the quality of your plant, speeding up the production process and ensuring full comfort of work for your employees. In our offer, you will find:

  • vacuum machines,  
  • meat grinders,
  • mixers,
  • bowl choppers,
  • stuffers,
  • slicers,
  • vacuum packing machines.

Even choosing used models, you will get an efficient machine for many years. All thanks to careful servicing and selection and precise care. We guarantee you that the used devices do not deviate from the quality of new equipment, but are available at very affordable prices. We approach each customer individually, offering a favorable form of purchase, as well as assistance in financing in the form of leasing or credit.

Meat grinders – for preparing excellent quality stuffing

One of the devices you will find in our assortment are professional meat grinders, which will prove indispensable during the production process of cold cuts and various types of meat. They are used in almost all tasks related to the production of meat masses for sausages, small pâté, purée and similar smooth products in the meat industry and ready-made meals. This is because they are designed for the preparation of highly fragmented stuffing, with high mass binding parameters.

Specialized butcher equipment offered by ERY Food Machinery is made of stainless steel with attention to every detail, which makes them extremely reliable and durable. Large selection in terms of power and size makes these devices perfect for large meat processing plants and delicatessens, as well as in hotels or exclusive restaurants. 

Meat mixers – designed for mixing meat stuffing

Another extremely useful device that can be successfully used in small plants is meat stuffer. This device makes mixing stuffing, sauce or other liquid products much easier and faster.  This is all thanks to full auto-optimization and the use of the latest technology to speed up the process considerably.

We invite you to read the full offer available on our website, where you will find the best food and meat processing equipment available on the market. If you have any questions, please contact us – we are ready to answer your questions about specific machines.



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