What is the perfect packaging for creams?

What is the perfect packaging for creams

Face and body creams are one of the most common and popular cosmetics sold in online and stationery shops. They are available in many packaging, including tubes, jars, and bottles. What is the perfect choice? It hangs on many different factors, such as the creams formula and the customers needs.

Specificity of face and body creams

Face and body creams may be light and watery or heavy, dense, and rich. But regardless of the formula, they can be but both in glass or plastic jar, cosmetic tube, and airless packaging with pump. The differences between those packaging depend primarily on the chemical properties of cosmetics.

Firstly, face creams dont like oxygen. When having contact with it, they may lose their properties or even get infected with some microorganisms. Due to that, they must always be put on the face with clean hands and opened only for a while.

Creams also dont tolerate the UV rays, so they cant be stored in a fully-sunned place like windowsills. In the full sun, they may also lose their properties or… just go bad and be needed to be thrown away.

Variety of packaging for creams

Depending on the creams formula, it can be put in jar, bottle, or tube. It also hangs on the intended use of the cosmetic and the individual preferences of customers.

Plastic or glass cosmetic jars

Cosmetic jars for creams may be made of transparent or dark glass. Transparent one is much better because it protects the formula from UV rays. For keeping it safe and hygienic, it is a good idea to sell that kind of package with a small spatula that allows taking the right amount of cosmetics without putting fingers into the jar. We recommend offer of polish producer: https://www.capsandjars.com/eng_m_Cosmetic-packaging_Cosmetic-jars-454.html.

Tubes for creams and lotions

Cosmetic tubes for creams are mostly used as packaging for lotions. It turns out that its a perfect way to store light, watery creams. This allows putting the product on the hand without spilling it, if its very runny.

Furthermore, this kind of packaging is very easy to move, so its perfect for travel sizes of creams. They also protect the formula from the oxygen impact.

Airless bottles: perfect packaging for cream

Airless packaging has recently become very popular. No wonder – it is a very hygienic solution. The airless pump protects the cosmetic against air access and bacteria that may be present in the environment.

Such packages also perfectly protect against the spilling of the product – the cap is designed to prevent the product from escaping outside the package without pressing the pump. So it seems to be the perfect way to package face and body creams.



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